About Us


Message from our president

President Naoki Yasuba

Hayashibara continues to innovate new and original materials
with our advanced biotechnology.

Hayashibara continues to be a challenger who pursues infinite possibilities of enzymes and microorganisms, which are “gifts” from the earth.
Each day, we make endless and repetitive efforts believing that our technology will enrich everyday life for all.
Under NAGASE Group's management philosophy, which is “to maintain good and fair business practices,” Hayashibara will continue to develop its business on a global scale.

A sense of values shared within the NAGASE Group

NAGASE Management Philosophy
We recognize our responsibility to society and offer beneficial products and services while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Through our growth, we will contribute to society and enrich the lives of our employees.
To realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind, each of us embodies our value proposition, Identify, Develop and Expand through daily activities.
"The NAGASE Way" Action Principles
Always be customer-oriented.
Always be a creative challenger.
Always use the power of the NAGASE Group.
Always think globally and act locally.
Always think systematically and act speedily.

Hayashibara Vision

Hayashibara continue to innovate new and original materials with our advanced biotechnology.

Hayashibara’s Goals

Through our continuous efforts to exceed our own unique expertise, we aim to become a world leader in carbohydrate chemistry in the area of biotechnology.
We will flourish together with our customers by providing high functional carbohydrates that accommodates demands and trends in the market.
We will provide a place to realize dreams and ideals and contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world.