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Hayashibara’s functional carbohydrates are used by thousands of food manufacturers, restaurants and bakeries around the world to improve the taste of a wide variety of everyday food products.

Enzymes produced by microorganisms have interesting and highly useful functionalities functionalities. For example, enzymes can break apart or bind glucose molecules and create carbohydrate products with unique functionalities.
Hayashibara, founded as a starch syrup manufacturer in 1883, developed the two-step (acid and malt) starch-conversion process for starch syrup production in 1935, which allowed for the more efficient and consistent production of starch syrups. Since that time, Hayashibara has focused on accumulating know-how in enzymatic technology that blossomed as various enzymatic methods to produce Hayashibara’s functional carbohydrates, which are used around the world in diverse food products.

Main Products

Discovers new and delightful tastesTREHA™(Main component: Trehalose)

TREHA has low sweetness with a clean finish, and can improve food flavor and quality. These beneficial characteristics are used by many companies seeking to increase the quality of their products. The application of TREHA has been extended to animal feed and fertilizer to improve the quality of food products.

Works well with oils and fats to maintain product qualitySUNMALT™(Main component: Maltose)

SUNMALT is valued for its functional versatility that can be incorporated into various processed foods. It helps to prevent starch retrogradation, resulting in better mouth feel and improved shelf life. Due to its porous nature, SUNMALT retains oil and reduces oil separation in high fat containing foods including creams. SUNMALT can be compressed easily at low pressure, which is ideal as a filler in tablet applications.

Offers excellent adhesive and coating propertiesPULLULAN

PULLULAN is a polysaccharide with high water solubility. PULLULAN can strongly bind food materials due to its high adhesive and binding properties, which can be also applied in granulation and tableting. PULLULAN also has excellent film forming and coating abilities that are simple to use for creating edible films and providing luster to the surface of food products.
Other Products
    (Main component: Maltosyltrehalose)
    (Main component: Maltotetraose)

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