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Hayashibara enzyme technologies are used to produce ingredients that are approved for use in Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU).

Hayashibara uses its enzyme technologies to transform health-promoting substances into several health food ingredients. Hayashibara continues to actively work with outside research organizations to examine health promoting functions of these ingredients. Some of these ingredients are used in “Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)” and “Food with Function Claims” as designated by the Japanese government.

Main Products

Multi-functional polyphenol with natural citrus originHAYASHIBARA HESPERIDIN S (Main component: Mono-glucosyl hesperidin)

Hesperidin is widely known as an active ingredient in herbal medicines in the East. Glucose is enzymatically bound to hesperidin to create HAYASHIBARA HESPERIDIN S, which increases water solubility more than 100,000 times. Hayashibara is studying additional health-promoting functions of HAYASHIBARA HESPERIDIN S that can expand its applications as an ingredient for FOSHU and other health foods.

A soluble dietary fiber that helps maintain favorable conditions for beneficial intestinal floraFibryxa™ (Main component: Isomaltodextrin)

Fibryxa is an isomaltodextrin, which consists solely of glucose molecules from food grade starch. Fibryxa can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage applications because of its high water solubility, stability in aqueous solutions and lack of sweetness. Fibryxa can be an important part of a healthier lifestyle by supplementing dietary fiber that is known to be insufficient in most daily diets.

Increases the concentration of enteric bifidobacteriaNYUKA OLIGO™ (Main component: Lactosucrose)

NYUKA OLIGO is produced by enzymatically binding a fructose to a lactose molecule. As a result it delivers a flavor similar to sucrose with a refined taste. Consumption of NYUKA OLIGO increases the concentration of enteric bifidobacteria and is used in "Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)" products.

A modified vitamin C easily blended with other ingredientsAscofresh™ (Main component: Ascorbic acid 2-glucoside)

Ascofresh is produced by the enzymatic binding of glucose to vitamin C. The molecule has greater stability, resulting in more resistant to oxidation and breakdown in food. Combined with collagen or other functional ingredients, Ascofresh aids stability with little discoloration or taste degradation.

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