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Hayashibara's high quality personal care ingredients are trusted throughout the world for use in lotions, creams, and facial masks to maintain young-looking, beautiful skin.

Hayashibara’s enzyme technologies can transform unstable and insoluble substances into personal care ingredients that have greater stability and increased solubility. These unique ingredients are more formulation friendly, which can be used in a wider variety of products benefiting more consumers.

Main Products

A stabilized vitamin C for skin-brightening applicationsAA2G™

AA2G is produced by the enzymatic binding of glucose to vitamin C. This enzymatic conversion makes AA2G stable when incorporated into cosmetics. This maintains its activity and provides resistance to discoloration and odors. When applied to the skin, AA2G is degraded by a natural enzyme to release vitamin C, resulting in cosmetics that promote brighter healthier looking skin. It is used in Japan and around the world.

Can be used for cleansing and moisturizing applicationsMG-60

MG-60 features maltooligosyl glucoside, which combines short chains of glucose molecules with a trehalose terminal end. This product protects cells and reduces skin irritation. It is used in skin care products to help preserve moisture. MG-60 is also used in a number of cleansing products due to its ability to maintain a rich, creamy lather.

For improved blood circulationAlpha Glucosyl Hesperidin

Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin is formed by enzymatically combining glucose with hesperidin. This glycosylated form retains its bioactivity and dramatically improves water solubility. Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin can improve skin tone and color, helping to combat dull skin, dark circles under the eyes and other skin issues by stimulating blood circulation.
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