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Hayashibara carbohydrates and dyes are widely used as active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients for infusion, tablets and capsules.

Hayashibara’s technologies in microorganisms and enzymes, nurtured by accumulated knowledge and experience, create unique functional carbohydrates and dyes for use as active pharmaceutical ingredients or excipients. MALTOSE PH has been used in infusion fluid. PULLULAN, known to have binding and film forming properties, is used for capsules. TREHALOSE SG is used as a stabilizer of cells and proteins.
The products can be used in a variety of applications including cryo-protection of frozen cells during storage and vaccine adjuvants in the field of regenerative medicine.

Main Products

Used in infusion fluidMALTOSE PH

Maltose is a disaccharide containing two glucose molecules. MALTOSE PH has a low endotoxin concentration making it particularly suited for injection and infusion.

Preserves higher order protein structureTREHALOSE SG

TREHALOSE SG is a low endotoxin product for injection. Stable under heat and acidity, this product stabilizes higher order protein structures under the dehydrated and frozen conditions. TREHALOSE SG prevents cells and proteins from damage.

Acts as a strong binder and coating agentPULLULAN

Pullulan has excellent binding strength and film forming properties, which makes it suited for tablets and granules. Low oxygen permeability of PULLULAN maintains potency of active ingredients when used as a coating.

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