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Hayashibara dyes are used in a variety of products, from photographic films to electronic displays.

Hayashibara is one of a few specialists in functional dye development. Hayashibara possesses a library of more than 10,000 organic functional dyes, and continues to update the library with new materials. Hayashibara functional dyes are widely used for information recording purposes including photo films, X-ray films, photographic paper and for information display purposes including liquid crystal displays and color filters. Dyes not only provide color to brighten our lives and inspire us, but also play an indispensable role in today's information technology and are found in most all areas of society.

Main Products

Producing data images in LCDsDyes for information displays

In liquid crystal displays (LCD), functional dyes align with liquid crystal molecules in response to changes in voltage, which can either increase or decrease light permeability to create images. Hayashibara develops new applications utilizing the functionality of dichroic dyes.

Used in photographic film and other applicationsDyes for information recording

Some of our functional dyes efficiently absorb light of specific wavelengths and then can transfer this to other energy forms. This characteristic is utilized in photographic and X-ray films, and can also be used on computer-to-plate (CTP) technology that creates a printing plate directly from a computer.

Analytical dye productions and medicinal and/or bioactive dyes

Certain functional dyes are known to be medicinal and/or bioactive. Some dyes are used as cell staining dyes and have fluorescent properties. Hayashibara is exploring new applications utilizing these functions and developing new materials in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

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