Research and Development

Research Philosophy

A majority of Hayashibara products were originally developed using its own technologies. Hayashibara takes pride in products that are recognized for their novel characteristics in various industries. This history of successful development is brought about by the long-established philosophy, “engagement in original and creative research”. Nonetheless, Hayashibara is open to connecting innovations with external resources to tackle existing projects opportunities and challenges.
Hayashibara specializes in the research fields of functional carbohydrates and dyes. Products that have been discovered and developed by Hayashibara are used in a wide variety of fields in everyday life, primarily in food processing, the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. Hayashibara will continue to perform research and development in order to create innovative products that contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world.

Hayashibara’s policy of research and development

  • 1We value research and development focused on highly original products.
    We continue to develop products with high originality through research on the unique subjects. We continue to develop these unique products by tackling long-term research projects without compromising the short-term projects.
  • 2 We amplify natural functions of existing materials and apply them to develop products.
    We continue to identify enzymes naturally produced by microorganisms, and maximize their natural functions to produce novel products.
  • 3We facilitate connecting innovations.
    While focusing on these strong research fields, Hayashibara proactively networks with external researchers and research organizations to develop future innovations. We provide a platform to facilitate such networking and connections by hosting symposiums and other events.
  • 4We create added value in a wide variety of fields.
    By amplifying the natural functions of materials, we create new applications in extended fields, which contribute to the increased value of Hayashibara.