Research and Development

Areas of Expertise

Hayashibara’s areas of expertise is functional carbohydrate and dyes products. Hayashibara is engaged in research and development with a focus on creating “products that contribute to the health and happiness of people around the world”.

Research & Development Div.

Discovery of New Materials and Exploration of Physical PropertiesHayashibara develops new carbohydrate materials, validates the production method and identifies the basic physical properties.
Hayashibara is continuously searching for new materials using microorganisms and enzymes, which have created its signature products such as trehalose and ascorbic acid 2-glucoside. While evaluating industrial production methods to expedite the commercialization of the new materials, Hayashibara researches the basic physical properties to establish a foundation of application development work. The newest analytic methods are adopted on a regular basis to identify unknown properties of carbohydrates.
Applied Research for the Food IndustryHayashibara provides new food applications for existing products and effective use of new materials.
Hayashibara is continuously conducting research on the physical properties of food ingredients in commercial products and their effects on human health. Hayashibara also researches new applications of isomaltodextrin, trehalose, ascorbic acid 2-glucoside and glycosyl hesperidin. The functions of new materials are evaluated for potential food applications including Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) and Food with Function Claims as approved by the Japanese government.
Applied Research for the Cosmetic IndustryHayashibara explores and provides new applications and new materials with novel properties.
Hayashibara conducts research on the effective use of cosmetic ingredients to maintain healthy skin, and their physical properties when added to cosmetic products. Hayashibara has discovered new cosmetic applications for ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, glycosyl trehalose, pullulan, glucosyl hesperidin and others, which are used as active ingredients in quasi-drugs. Hayashibara also explores the novel value of new cosmetic materials to existing formulations and for product concept ideas.
Applied Research for the Health Care IndustryHayashibara supports the sales and marketing activities of its customers, and develops new pharmaceutical and health food products.
Hayashibara provides research data that are used by customers to promote their commercial products. The research data includes carbohydrate-based products such as trehalose and pullulan as pharmaceutical excipients, and functional dyes that are medicinal and/or bioactive. In addition, Hayashibara explores new materials in pharmaceutical and health food applications in order to develop new products in the healthcare industry.
Pioneering New FieldsHayashibara explores and provides new applications of carbohydrate products.
Hayashibara evaluates and develops agricultural and industrial uses of carbohydrate products. For example, the use of trehalose has shown benefit in fertilizer and animal feed applications to improve the quality of foods. A special glue was developed for the purpose of restoring historical paintings and scrolls using Hayashibara’s technologies in microorganisms, enzymes and carbohydrate production. Hayashibara continues to explore new products and technologies that contribute to the society.
Patent StrategyHayashibara files patents for physical properties, production methods and applications of new products.
Hayashibara makes efforts to create better conditions for customers to be able to use Hayashibara's products without concerns about violating third party’s patents wherever possible.

L' Plaza, Functional Saccharides Sales & Marketing Div.

Pursuit of Applied Research in the Food IndustryHayashibara continues to develop products in cooperation with customers using open test kitchens.
In addition to developing applications and test products with customers, Hayashibara also suggests recipes and solutions to technical issues at two company test kitchens in Tokyo and Okayama equipped with basic food production facilities. As a part of marketing efforts, Hayashibara’s technical staff work with customers to further product development to produce and evaluate new products.

Functional Dyes Unit

Expanding Industrial ApplicationsHayashibara screens its in-house functional dye library to find suitable dyes that match customer’s needs.
Using more than 10,000 kinds of functional dye library, Hayashibara suggests optimal functional dyes and other Hayashibara products to respond to customer's various needs. Hayashibara actively explores potential applications of these dyes in new industrial fields.
Development of Dyes with Novel FunctionsHayashibara develops new products to overcome the limitations of currently available functional dyes.
Hayashibara strives to improve the durability (including heat, light and moisture resistance) that are known challenges of most functional dyes. On a daily basis, Hayashibara continues to develop prospective compounds for new products, alters the structures of existing materials and evaluates their physical properties to maximize its performance.