Impact report due to heavy rain in Okayama area (as of July 9, 2018)


Hayashibara Co., Ltd. would offer its condolences to those affected by the damage of heavy rain.

Hayashibara would report the situation related to its products, factory operation, shipping and delivery. Hayashibara has no direct damage on its facilities; however, delay in delivery in suffered area have been reported.

Special heavy rain warnings have been lifted. Hayashibara will provide maximum efforts to minimize the impact on its valuable customers.

Please see below for details of the situation;

  • 1. Impact on Hayashibara’s factories, facilities, and employees
    There is no direct damage on the operation of factories and related facilities nor business continuity due to heavy rain. There were some minor drainage defects occurred at some facilities, but now they have been entirely recovered and normalized. While the disaster has been affecting some employees' homes and commuter passages and causes difficulties in attendance, Hayashibara will continue manufacturing with careful attention paid to employees’ safety with the highest priority.

  • 2. Impact on domestic shipping and delivery
    Regarding the distribution status of products, there is a partial delivery delay due to the impact of paralysis of the transportation network such as railways and highways. Hayashibara is using its logistics network in order to minimize delay in domestic delivery.

  • 3. Impact on international shipping and delivery
    No impact on export from Japan is reported.

  • 4. Future measures
    Hayashibara will continue manufacturing and shipping products to minimize the impact on its valuable customers. Hayashibara will promptly announce and notify through this web site and/or sales representatives if any changes in circumstances relating to manufacturing or delivery occur.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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