Message from a Representative Director

At Hayashibara, we combine the power of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes with the goodness of natural raw materials to produce unique ingredients. We use these to create products that enhance and enrich human life.
Back in the days when sweets were still a special treat, our business was founded in Okayama as a syrup manufacturer. In the 138 years since, we have continued to manufacture products that make our diet richer and more enjoyable. To create ingredients that contribute to wellness and happiness, we have continuously developed our unique biotechnologies. As a result, the use of our products today extends beyond the confectionery field to a wide range of areas of everyday life, including health foods, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals.
In June 2020, we announced our Sustainability Policy, focused on four material issues. Since then, we have engaged in ongoing dialog with the customers, suppliers, community institutions, and employees who are our valued stakeholders. A healthy global environment and the gifts of nature are the foundation of our business activity. By leading sustainability initiatives, we wish to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and to ensure that we continue to be appreciated for the next 50 to 100 years.
We believe that 2021 will be a year characterized by the key phrase “sustainable food systems.” In September, the UN Food Systems Summit will be held in New York, while December’s Nutrition for Growth Summit in Tokyo addresses a related theme.
The global food system faces important challenges, such as food loss and waste, global climate change, and the threat of worldwide food shortages due to population growth. Since we have worked to resolve food-related issues since our foundation, we see addressing these issues as our priority. To contribute to improving people’s quality of life and enriching our future diet, we at Hayashibara will continue working to ensure stable food resources in terms of quality (nutrition) and quantity (supply).
However, it is not possible for ingredient manufacturers like us acting in isolation to make the difference required to resolve the major issues in the food system and realize a sustainable society. That is why we seek strengthened partnership with a wide range of stakeholders to explore and discuss these issues in greater depth as we continue working together to create value.