Environmental Management

Our Policy for Environmental Management
In recent years, global climate change events, such as global warming have become more serious and have had major impacts on people's lives and business activities.
To realize the "safe, secure, and sustainable society in which people can live comfortably" that NAGASE Group aims for, we believe that a sustainable global environment is a key factor. Most of the raw materials used in our products are produced by nature, and therefore it is important that we take initiative in addressing environmental issues in order to make our business sustainable.
We believe the "environment" is one of the most important global concerns, and as such, have put our focus on reducing environmental impact to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
Environmental Policy
Basic Philosophy
We aim to establish “Sustainable Development” by engaging all employees to promote harmonious co-existence of mankind with nature. We believe that protecting the environment, on a local and global scale, is one of the company’s high-priority responsibilities that can make a positive contribution to the economy and society as a whole.
Action Plan Guidelines
  • 1. We have established and continuously improve an environmental management system in order to reduce the environmental burden of the company’s production activities.
  • 2. We improve the company’s environmental management by observing all environmental laws, regulations and other best practices, and prepare voluntary standards and operating procedures.
  • 3. We set and accomplish environmental objectives.
  • 4. We enhance environmental awareness and train employees to be environmentally friendly.
Environmental Management System
We have established the Environmental Management Promotion Committee to implement the "Environmental policy" in accordance with the "basic principle" shown in our "environmental policy".
Education/Enlightenment Activities
1. Employee education
We will thoroughly brief all employees on the environmental philosophy and policies, and provide education to improve environmental awareness. We will also provide education on environmental risks, laws and regulations, and environmental goal management for managers, general employees, and new employees.
2. Education by office
Each office will provide education on environmental conservation and environmental risks in their community.
Enlightenment activities
1. Establishment of Awareness Day
On the Environment Awareness Day, we focus on raising employee awareness by discussing examples of incidents and disasters in the past.
2. Provision of information at committee and regional subcommittee meetings.
We raise the awareness with our employees by sharing examples and pertinent information from other companies regarding environmental safety.