About Us

Message from the management

Hayashibara continues to be a challenger who pursues infinite possibilities of enzymes and microorganisms, which are “gifts” from the earth. Each day, we make endless and repetitive efforts believing that our technology will enrich everyday life for all. Under NAGASE Group's management philosophy, which is “to maintain good and fair business practices,” Hayashibara will continue to develop its business on a global scale.Naoki Yasuba Representative Director

NAGASE Management Philosophy

We recognize our responsibility to society and offer beneficial products and services while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Through our growth, we will contribute to society and enrich the lives of our employees.

Hayashibara Vision

We continue to innovate new and original materials with our advanced biotechnology.

Hayashibara in 2030

Enjoy the change and take action
Pursue market-leading technology to improve people’s QOL in the world
Contribute to making the world more sustainable through business

We have been harnessing the natural power of microorganisms and enzymes to develop original materials and offer products that enrich our lives. As we move forward, we will advance our technologies, and continue to pursue the development of creative and innovative materials.The “Hayashibara in 2030” model was developed as a guideline and a principle for achieving the Hayashibara Vision, based on an understanding of recent changes across the social landscape. We are committed to continuing to be an influential and relevant company by providing solutions to ever-evolving social issues and by contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.