Hayashibara is sponsoring "Nature Café on Environmental Stress
and Food Crisis", an online event held by Nature Research


Hayashibara Co., Ltd. is sponsoring the upcoming online event "Nature Café on Environmental Stress and Food Crisis" held by Nature Research (part of Springer Nature) that publishes the prestigious science journal "nature" and the Nature-branded research journals. The event will be held on Thursday, November 12th, 2020, starting at 3:00pm EST. (12:00pm PST |8:00pm GMT | 5:00am JST (Nov. 13th)). Nature Café is a unique forum organized by Nature Research that allows Nature and Nature Journal audiences to meet with the editors and other international scientific experts. The event hosts lectures and panel discussions on the hottest current topics in science from a global perspective.
Food security is one of the most important concerns in the world, as outlined by the United Nations Summit Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), which includes a goal of “Zero Hunger”. The aim of the Nature Café on Environmental Stress and Food Crisis is to address the simple question of how to grow enough food to meet global population demands, with a focus on agricultural production, farming practices, climate variability, and its impact on the environment.
Hayashibara is actively engaged in sustainability activities aimed at achieving both the conservation of the global environment and the prosperous development of society by contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, and has set "securing stable food" as one of our material issues. This Nature Café aligns perfectly with this initiative, which will have a substantial social significance. As one of our corporate branding actions for contributing to the SDG’s, we support this event to establish a network with key researchers working on ensuring our society moves toward ‘Zero Hunger’.

After the event, we will invite researchers and experts to join thought leaders from around the world to participate in a listening session on a green-biomaterial-based approach to environmental and food sustainability. Here, we will discuss the application and potential of naturally derived biomaterials to solve the problems of a sustainable environment, food, and food systems. While aiming to contribute to global social issues, we believe that it will be of great benefit in future research development and collaborations.

Theme Environmental Stress and Food Crisis
Program Lectures and panel discussion (please refer the detail in agenda in the website)
Language English
Event date November 12th, 2020 - Virtual Event
12:00pm PST | 3:00pm EST | 8:00pm GMT| 5:00am JST (Nov. 13th)
Registration Required in advance Please register in the following link by Nov.10th (6:00am JST)

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