The event report of "Nature Café on Environmental Stress and Food Crisis" has been published in Nature (issue of February 11th, 2021)


On 12th November 2020, Hayashibara Co., Ltd. sponsored the online event "Nature Café on Environmental Stress and Food Crisis" held by Nature Research (part of Springer Nature) that publishes the prestigious science journal "nature" and the Nature-branded research journals.

The event was held to discuss a complex question: how to grow enough food to meet global demands while safeguarding the Earth. The speakers discussed the challenges in the world, the balance gap between demands and food production, how geospatial sciences data and technologies offer possible solutions. In addition, the discussion has developed to the alternative sources for foods and the significance of improving the food systems.

The event report was finally published in Nature, the issue of February 11th, 2021, and now it is available online. You may access the report by clicking here.

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