Creating a Rewarding Workplace

Basic Approach Towards Creating a Rewarding Workplace
We are striving to create a workplace where employees with a diverse background can work in a healthy and rewarding way and can work to their full potential. We also seek to provide an environment in which employees can grow while working hard together with respect for all. To achieve this, we are working on a range of different initiatives.
Promoting Diverse Human Resources
To create a culture that promotes diversity, we educate all our employees through group-based and web-based seminars, and e-learning programs on the many different forms of harassment, such as sexual harassment and bullying.
Moreover, to give the older workforce more opportunity to play a greater role, we abolished the executive retirement age system in fiscal 2020.
Promoting Work Style Reform
In addition to our existing plans, we expanded company benefit systems from fiscal 2020 so that employees could better balance work and family, childcare, nursing care, and medical treatment.
  • ● Introduced a flextime system from FY2020 (review of the conventional system). Core time to be abolished from FY2021
  • ● Running a reduced working hours system that helps to balance work with pre-school childcare and caring for family members. From January 2021, the childcare age requirement has been increased to include children up to the third grade of elementary school
  • ● Introduced a work-from-home system in October 2020 owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to stay at home
  • ● Running a second career support system to assist employees in diversifying their own life plans and designing their own career path
Supporting a Work-Life Balance
We are improving our benefit plans to enable employees to find the right balance for their own individual life needs, be it childcare, nursing care, or medical treatment.
  • ● 129 days off each year by combining annual paid leave with Hayashibara's holiday plan
  • ● System for taking annual paid leave in half day increments
  • ● System for taking annual paid leave in hourly increments (from April 2020)
  • ● System for accruing annual paid leave not used
  • ● Paid leave system due to accident/illness or nursing care
  • ● "Refresh leave" system (system for employees who have worked a certain number of years to take some time off)
  • ● Special leave system
  • ● Scheduled working hours: 7.5 hours
  • ● "No overtime day" once a week
Human Resources Education & Training
To contribute to a sustainable society, we endeavor to find human resources who aren’t afraid of the continual challenges of change and who have the mindset to think and act globally. To develop human resources such as these, we have in place an educational environment for every level of the organization from new recruits through to possible future executives. We have also established a self-development system that gives motivated employees the opportunity to develop their abilities through free e-learning programs and correspondence courses as well as TOEIC test support.
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